LAA respond to the Future Airspace Strategy issued by the CAA Department of Airspace Policy


The Director Airspace Policy, Mark Swan issued a consultation document setting out a completely different strategy for managing airspace in the future.  This is intended to cope with increased traffic and at the same time to promote more efficient and economic routing for airlines.  Whilst it promises more flexibility much of GA could be excluded so we are working closely on this to ensure we get a good deal that does not place undue constraints or costs on you.

You can read the draft strategy document here.

The LAA responded on behalf of the General Aviation Alliance, agreeing the philosophy of the proposal but challenging the way in which GA would be included and given access to airspace.  In particular the response challenged the assumptions about growth in air transport which appeared overstated and beyond the environmental limits set by government.  You can see the response here together with a draft Operational Requirement for Airspace for GA here.

John Brady

LAA Vice-Chairman


February 2011