Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA)





The European Parliament tasked Eurocontrol to develop Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) as part of the Single Sky programme.

Much as our present UK rules do, these set out in law what is in the ICAO rules except where differences are filed.  You can view the Eurocontrol draft proposal here and the LAA response here.  If you responded too, many thanks.  The next step is for Eurocontrol to consider the responses and then hold a workshop in June to discuss the way ahead.  The LAA will be present or be suitably represented to argue your corner.

Since the consultation closed we have discovered that Europe Air Sports (EAS), which represents us on European matters through the Royal Aero Club, was invited by Eurocontrol to participate in the early work on the rules but decided not to do so.  We did not find out either that this was going on or that EAS had declined an invitation to participate.  Being in at the start is a significant advantage in getting our interests covered but now the draft rules are published, all we can do is to try to change what has already been formed.

However, we also understand that Europe Air Sports chose not to use the substantial consultation input that we drafted in cooperation with other UK air sports organizations but used only the input provided directly by the BGA.  Apparently no other European nations gave any views to EAS so the response sent to Eurocontrol on our behalf seemingly contains absolutely nothing to defend powered sport and recreational flying.  Astonishing and very annoying that our interests were defeated by an organisation we pay to help us.

Rest assured that the LAA will follow this up.