Thank you for your interest in the LAA Pilot Coaching Scheme.  The LAA is confident that you will gain a great deal of benefit from the flying and airmanship subjects which will be covered during your Tutorial Meeting and thereby become a safer and better pilot.


Your Tutorial Meeting will be conducted by a LAA trained/CAA registered coach who will follow the syllabus defined in the LAA Coaching Scheme Operations Handbook. A list of approved coaches can be found here.  Please contact your nearest coach to discuss your needs.  You will then need to complete all the necessary documents and return them, including payment, to Turweston HQ before any coaching takes place. Your coach may need to fly your aircraft for an hour or so to familiarise or re-familiarise himself with the type.  In addition to your normal aircraft operating costs, you should be prepared to bear the cost of this pre-coaching flying, and ensure that your aircraft insurance policy covers the coach to fly as PIC.  The coach may, of course, fly with you acting as P2 during his familiarisation in your aircraft, and this is recommended.  The syllabus used by your coach will be adapted to your needs, and will depend on the LAA qualification you are seeking under the Scheme.  The Scheme allows for coaching to be given with the aim of achieving Diplomas in:


          Strip Flying     General Flying              Special Type Flying


Coaching leading to a LAA aircraft type conversion, or just a short refresher on a type you know reasonably well, is also available under the Scheme.


Strip, General and Special Type Flying Diplomas are specific and stand alone LAA qualifications which cannot normally all be achieved during one two-day Tutorial Meeting.  However, depending on a pilot’s flying experience and background, it may be possible to gain Strip and General Flying Diplomas during a single Tutorial Meeting provided the coaching is carried out at a suitably demanding strip.


An outline of the flying and airmanship subjects your coach will cover can be found here.  This outline has been designed to let you know, broadly, what to expect during the Tutorial Meeting, Type Conversion or Refresher Flying so that you may revise your skills and knowledge before attending for coaching, where you may feel this is necessary.  Your conscientious preparation will undoubtedly result in your gaining maximum benefit from the coaching you will receive under the Scheme.

If extended training is required, the cost is at the discretion of the appointed coach and should be agreed upon beforehand.


The LAA offers you best wishes for an enjoyable and successful coaching session.