LAA Approves E5 Mogas use for suitable Rotax, Jabiru and VW powered aircraft


Following the CAA decision to delegate responsibility for specifying fuel types that may be used in light aircraft to the design authority for the aircraft concerned, LAA has launched new procedures to allow owners of LAA aircraft fitted with popular types of Rotax, Jabiru and VW based engines to be operated on unleaded mogas containing up to 5% ethanol.  Previously, only LAA microlights have been able to use mogas containing ethanol. The new suite of paperwork consists of a new Technical Leaflet TL 2.26, ‘Procedures for use of E5 Unleaded Mogas to EN 228’, checklists pertaining to each engine type to determine the suitability of the individual airframe/engine combination, and placards that may be printed off the LAA website or obtained from LAA HQ.   


For more information, visit the E5 Mogas page (Aircraft & Technical - Operating & Maintaining Aircraft - E5 Mogas)


31st July 2015