Christmas Glad Tidings - 2800 aircraft now flying on Light Aircraft Association Permits to Fly
Christmas Glad Tidings - 2800 aircraft now flying on Light Aircraft Association Permits to Fly


The Light Aircraft Association reached a new milestone in the days before Christmas, recording more than 2,800 active aircraft flying on LAA Permits to Fly for the first time in the Association’s history. In addition, the number of aircraft in-build with ‘project’ status stands at a total of 1,500 with a significant number of additional aircraft under restoration.

The increase in the size of the active LAA fleet, which has doubled since the year 2000, reflects both the increased popularity of affordable home-built and kit-built aircraft and the transition to Permit to Fly status of a number former Certificated types which were ‘orphaned’ as a result of the ending of support by type certificate holders. Prime among these are the de Havilland Tiger Moth and Chipmunk as well as others such as Jodels, the Auster fleet and Scottish Aviation Bulldog.¬† A fast-growing gyroplane sector, with over 120 aircraft of 13 different types, is also a significant contributor.

“At a time when so much of the news from the GA sector seems pessimistic, it is great to offer some good news” says LAA CEO Steve Slater. “The continuing growth of the National Permit to Fly aircraft sector is matched by our membership, which ends the year at over 7,600; an almost identical figure to when we started. We owe a big thankyou to all the LAA staff and volunteers for making this possible.”

The number and variety of LAA aircraft makes it the largest and most diverse fleet in the United Kingdom, with a total of 484 different types approved for Permit to Fly operations. Among the most popular types, based on the number with active LAA-administered permits are:


Vans RV series (RV-4 to RV12) 342
Europa 142
Jabiru J400, 430, 450, SK 132
Rans S6 98
Evektor Eurostar 84
Denney Kitfox 48
CZAW Sportcruiser 48
Pitts Special 46
Jodel (all models) 138
Vintage Piper 105
Auster (all types) 94
DH82A Tiger Moth 61
DHC-1 Chipmunk 54



22nd December 2016