Sep issue


August 2017 Issue of LIGHT AVIATION

  • CEO’s Chat - Steve waxes lyrical about LAA’s youth programmes.
  • News - Help fund for injured Colin, Glasgow ATC slashes GA assistance.
  • Project News - Van’s RV-12, RV-6 imports, Sherwood Ranger and a Pitts S2.
  • Solo Operations - You are only truly solo when you operate from a private strip.
  • Rally Briefing - Come and enjoy a long weekend of aviation at the LAA Rally.
  • Trail to Africa - Graham Smith tests the RVC research project Trail in Botswana.
  • Night/IFR Panel - Manuel engages in CAD and starts cutting - cardboard!
  • Youth Airfield Day - A fabulous day of fun and youth activities at Turweston.
  • EFLEVA Fly-in - The inaugural EFLEVA Fly-in in Belgium is wet but enjoyable.
  • Air Test - Clive’s Christmases come all at once when he gets to fly a WW1 Bristol Scout.
  • Destination Rally - Martin Ferid recounts enjoyable trips to the Rally & says give it a go.
  • LAA Financial Report - Steve Slater on where the money comes from & where it goes.
  • Safety Spot - Fuel woes this month, from running out to incorrect fuel return lines .
  • Fly Visuals - A company who can solve all your placard and panel problems.
  • Where to Go - Dates for your diary; there’s plenty of choice at home and abroad!
  • Struts 4U - Around and about the Struts, including their future programmes.
  • Vouchers - Tree free landings and one discounted this month from around the country.