Reporting denial of access to Controlled Airspace
CAA publishes criteria for 8.33 radio funding


In order to provide an indication of the extent of incidents that involve the denial of access to Controlled Airspace (CAS), the CAA has amended its Form FCS 1521 to allow such instances to be captured.  The link to the Form is here.  It is important that anyone submitting this Form selects the following field:



Anyone submitting the Form will receive a receipt containing a reference number identifying the incident. 


Please note the following:


  • This initiative is not part of any formal reporting mechanism that will necessarily result the investigation of a report.
  • Whilst we will not routinely respond to these reports,we may contact the airfield/Air Navigation Service Provider or the person making the report to clarify details.
  • Whilst we will use the information to establish trends, it will also be used when considering Airspace Change Proposals and their subsequent Post implementation Reviews.
  • Formal reporting mechanisms such as Mandatory Occurrence Reporting (MOR) Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 382/AIRPROX should be used where appropriate.
  • Please submit as much detail as possible – it will allow us to understand the incident more fully.


4th January 2017