Three £1,500 bursaries to assist 'solo standard' young pilots to complete their training
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The Armstrong-Isaacs Trust has long been an important part of the Light Aircraft Association and, before that Popular Flying Association, support for younger aviators. For much of the past two decades, the Trust has offered individual scholarships to young pilots to enable them to train for a National PPL. In future, the funds will be distributed in a different way, with three bursaries of up to £1,500 each year being offered to support young pilots already in training, offering additional funding to allow them to complete their courses, at a time when so often money starts to run out.


Three 2018 Armstrong-Isaacs Bursaries will be open to any pilot in UK PPL training under the age of 30, contributing up to £1,500 per person to assist in their completion of their course. The funds will be lodged with the flying school of their choice and must be used exclusively for flying training or flight examinations. To qualify for these bursaries the young pilots are required to already have reached ‘first solo’ standard, have completed a minimum of five hours solo training and have gained the necessary medical and ground qualifications to continue their training.

“When the Armstrong-Isaacs Trust was initially established in 1998, there were relatively few PPL Scholarships available. Today there are more than 20 each year, offered by a wide range of organisations. There is therefore little added benefit to the young pilot community in the LAA presenting a further ‘me too’ offering” said LAA CEO and Armstrong Isaacs trustee Steve Slater.

“By offering assistance to young pilots who have already embarked on their training, we’re identifying individuals who have already demonstrated a commitment to flying at their own expense. However, the latter stages of the PPL are particularly financially challenging, with longer cross-country flights requiring greater outlay in aircraft rental costs. These Bursaries may enable students to complete their training, when perhaps they may otherwise have had to walk away.”

Applications are now open. The final date for applications will be Monday 27th November 2017.


Following a selection process, the recipients will be informed in early 2018.


The application form can be downloaded here.


21st September 2017