CAA publishes criteria for 8.33 radio funding



The highly popular Vintage Aircraft Club ‘Liz Inwood Taildragger Scholarship’ is now open for the second year to young pilots who wish to convert from typical flying club nose wheel designs to older tailwheel types, potentially opening the door to flying a wider range of vintage and classic types.


The Scholarship, named in memory of the late Tiger Moth pilot and flying instructor Liz Inwood, will offer five hours flying to a PPL, NPPL or LAPL license holder under the age of 35*, to assist them in learning classic ‘taildragger’ handling, which now forms part of the now-required differences training.


In addition to allowing them to hone their handling skills for older heritage aircraft, it may also allow access to flying or even becoming a syndicate partner in a range of fun-to-fly aircraft, which are often much cheaper to acquire than contemporary GA types.

The award, which is funded by donations from the Vintage Aircraft Club, Light Aircraft Association and the Inwood estate, will enable the use of a suitable flying school aircraft and instructor, selected to suit the recipient’s location. An application form can be downloaded from the VAC website at


*You'll also need a minimum of 100hrs total time and 50hrs P1 to apply.