Ormiston Academy BaP public presentation
Solar Impulse 2 commences its global circumnavigation




The fifth of six aircraft in the Boeing sponsored, RAeS Schools Build a Plane challenge recently made its first public flight. The RANs S6 Coyote II, G-NEWA, was built by pupils at the Ormiston Academy in Wolverhampton over a five-year period, with volunteers from the Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Cosford Branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society, LAA members and local industry providing assistance. Over 40 pupils, aged from 11 to 16, have been involved with the project since it started. They will all be given a chance to fly in the aircraft they helped to build.

This You Tube video shows the public presentation of G-NEWA at Wolverhampton Airport, and many of the people involved in the project. Well done one and all.


December 2017