CAA seeks participants in SkyEcho trial
Rally 2015



As part of a larger project exploring electronic surveillance, the CAA is looking at ways of increasing the take-up by GA of low powered, lightweight ADS-B devices. There are several strands to this work, all with the common goal of assessing the benefits and operational uses of electronic conspicuity as a means of reducing the risk of mid-air collisions.


The manufacturer, uAvonix, has loaned the CAA 25 SkyEcho devices that we hope to trial on board GA aircraft already equipped with Mode S (but no ADS-B) functionality. This will hopefully give us a better understanding of what simultaneous transmissions from both devices will look like, both in the air and on the ground.


The CAA is now looking for volunteers to help with this trial, and naturally thought LAA members present a potential source of skill and knowledge to tap into. Any offers of help from individuals or flying clubs - likely to be reasonably active over the next few months - would be gratefully received.


All participants will be asked to sign a declaration that covers conditions of use. If you are able to help, or would like more information before you decide, can you please email your contact details in confidence and the CAA Communications Department will get back to you with more details.


The SkyEcho devices also support ADS-B In so volunteers accepted for the trial that use navigation devices supporting the GDL90 protocol, such as Skydemon, will also be able to try out the in-cockpit display of ADS-B traffic information.


Additionally, the SkyEcho/Skydemon combination is able to receive and display the realtime 978MHz weather data broadcast that is currently undergoing trial in the UK. Initially, these weather data trials are being broadcast from Skydemon HQ, near Henstridge in Dorset. However, other weather data broadcast sites are due to be added to the trial. Click here for more details of the trial:


November 2017