CAA publishes criteria for 8.33 radio funding


The Light Aircraft Association has launched a new “30 Under 30” membership category, which offers a year’s membership, for ¬£30 rather than the existing ¬£58, for any applicant under 30 years of age. The Association’s aim is to attract younger, more recently qualified flyers to extend their passion for flying and share the Association’s commitment to affordable flying for fun.

“Newer and younger pilots often don’t realise that the LAA offers some of the lowest cost flying there is, with a share in typical LAA type or costing quite a bit less many aircraft costing less than a second-hand car” says LAA CEO Steve Slater. “In addition, friendships and social bonds with fellow LAA members can extend beyond flying. It’s a great way of ensuring newly qualified pilots continue to push their boundaries and discover new flying adventures, either in taking the trusty flying club steed to an LAA fly out or gathering, or exploring a new type perhaps with the help of a fellow LAA owner.”

To take advantage of the new scheme, all an under 30 member will have to do is send proof of age, such as their drivers, passport or pilots licence, along with a completed application for which can be downloaded from the LAA website at


May 2017