Sep issue


August 2018 Issue of LIGHT AVIATION



  • Chairman’s Chat - Steve on the positive attitudes of so many people engaged in aviation.
  • News - The Farnborough Airspace approval, Electroflight get funding, Aston’s flying car.
  • Meet the LAA Events - A round up of events so far and a look ahead.
  • Projects - A plans built Pitts, Nord NC854 rebuild, and a Onex from the Netherlands.
  • FAI art competition - LAA going great guns with a Yohng Peaoples art competition.
  • Destination - Martin has a great weekend in Roudnice, in the Czech Republic.
  • Cambrai Covers - It’s Cambrai’s 40th anniversary and they’ve got it covered!
  • Rally Preview - The Rally chairman explains why it’s an event not to miss.
  • Air test - Clive Davidson and Annabelle Burroughes on rebuilding and flying a Jungmann.
  • VW ignition - A Leburg electronic ignition conversion on a Nipper’s VW.
  • Financial Review - Steve Slater takes a look at the audited 2017 finances.
  • Struts 4U - A brief history of the Oxford Group, plus upcoming meetings and events.
  • Air Courtage - What to do before, during and after an incident involving a claim.
  • Meet the members - Ron Perry, glider pilot, Smaragd owner and LAA coach.
  • Becoming an Alien - Bart Verhees discusses his new Delta 2.
  • Farnborough - Steve Slater on the issues with Farnborough’s recently approved airspace.
  • Where to Go - Plenty of options now the season is in full swing!
  • Classifieds - Plenty of bargains to whet your appetite.