Sep issue


February 2018 Issue of LIGHT AVIATION

  • Chairman’s Chat - The licensing jungle - where did we go wrong?
  • News - Keeping up with 8.33kHz, APPG progress on brown field airfields, EFLEVA Fly-in
  • Projects - 120hp Rotax ULS powered Eurofox, Sonex, and RV 12 and 9
  • Destination Kilkenny - Martin Ferid recalls two trips to the Emerald Isle
  • Electronic conspicuity - See and be seen, not so straightforward says Ian Fraser
  • Oxford airspace - Steve Slater on the latest airspace grab at Brize and Oxford
  • Struts 4U - 25 years of the Gloster Strut and what’s on around the country
  • Engineering - Part one of what can and cannot be put on a Permit, and advice on how
  • Air test - Clive Davidson flies a WW2 Aeronca L3 Defender, a contemporary of the L4 Cub
  • Safety Spot - 2017 accident stats & Jabiru fuel tanks under the spotlight
  • Safer hand-propping - a neat safety idea to prevent runaways for the solo prop swinger
  • Meet The members - Part I from Don Lord, long time active member, builder and pilot
  • Licence Time Bomb - In April you will need an EASA licence to fly an EASA aircraft
  • Classifieds - Bargains to whet your appetite
  • Landing Vouchers - More offers plus 2 for 1 admission to Tangmere museum