Sep issue


March 2018 Issue of LIGHT AVIATION

  • CEO’s Chat - Check that old mogas before launching off into the 2018 flying season!
  • News - Bristol closes LARS, new Airprox app and Meet the LAA dates announced.
  • Projects - DR1050 rebuild, lovely Jungmann and a plans-build HN700 Menestrel.
  • Destination Weybourne - Martin Ferid visits this gem of a strip in North Norfolk.
  • NW US Adventure - Neil Wilson and family enjoy Vancouver and Seattle.
  • Rekindling the flame - Geoff Rishman gets a boost from aerobatics and more.
  • Struts 4U - We visit the Highlands and Islands Strut and update the Strut calendar.
  • Engineering - Part two of what can go on a Permit looks at the factory-built options.
  • Air test - Clive Davidson flies the delightful Pietenpol Air Campe.
  • Air Courtage - Interesting insurance options designed for LAA members.
  • Safety Spot - Over-stress for a Pottier and heat shroud issues with a Jabiru J400.
  • Martin Monoplane - An inter-war years homebuilt is rescued for future renovation.
  • Armstrong Isaacs Bursaries - Youngsters win bursaries to boost their flight training.
  • Meet The members - Part two from Don Lord, long time active member and pilot.
  • Where to Go - Spring will soon be sprung, so star planning those aerial adventures.
  • Classifieds - Plenty of bargains to whet your appetite.
  • Landing Vouchers - Free in April: Andrewsfield, Bodmin, Breighton and Easter.