Sep issue


October 2018 Issue of LIGHT AVIATION


  • Chairman’s Chat - In his final Chairman’s chat, Brian Davies says our Association is in good shape.
  • News - Lasham Gliding Society to seek Juditial Review over Farnborough Airspace.
  • Letters and Obituary - Remembering Laurie Price. Eddie Clapham writes on MW designs.
  • Air Courtage - If you invest in training you can save on your insurance premium.
  • Oshkosh Part 2 - Nigel Hitchman reports on the Homebuilts at Air Venture.
  • Projects - A well travelled Emeraude, and new Spitfire Mk26 and Bristell.
  • Obituary - Remembering Edwin Shackleton, passenger and enthusiast extraordinaire.
  • LAA Rally - Brian Hope looks back at a wonderful 2018 LAA Rally.
  • Destination - Martin Ferid heads to Denmark and Lolland-Folster.
  • SSDR Jet - SSDR gets a new take with Barry Conway’s jet powered Viper.
  • Engineering - Francis Dobaldson with Part two on getting properly checked out.
  • Air test - Clive Davidson flies the Stinson 105, a quality pre-war two seater.
  • Safety Spot - Low Hours Propeller Inspection Protocol and wheel and undercarriage issues.
  • Struts 4U - News from the and ‘Rally Strut’ and Strut event calendar updates.
  • CEO Chat - Are you a Kennedy or a Trump? How about volunteering asks Steve Slater.
  • New product - Brian Hope checks out a new M5 two-stroke Rotax electric starter.
  • Classifieds - Plenty of bargains to whet your appetite.