Sep issue


Sep 2018 Issue of LIGHT AVIATION


  • CEO’s Chat - How GA could challenge the ACP (airspace change) process.
  • News - Moves to reopen Manston, Wellesbournes woes, new Lancair announced.
  • AGM - All you need to know about the 2018 LAA Annual General Meeting.
  • Oshkosh - Nigel Hitchman reports on a busy Oshkosh Convention.
  • Projects - A lightweight Pitts, imported RV6, long distance Eurofox & more‚Ķ
  • Destination - Martin Ferid visits Mortangne, home of the Colomban fly-in.
  • Farnborough Air Show - A successful first visit by the Association
  • RSA Rally - The editor waxes lyrical about the French Homebuilders’ Rally at Brienne.
  • Engineering - Francis Dobaldson on the importance of getting properly checked out.
  • Air test - Clive Davidson flies the RV-9A and RV-12, which does he prefer?
  • Safety Spot - Little issues become big problems if they are not picked up early enough.
  • Struts 4U - News from the revived Cornwall Strut and Strut calendar updates.
  • Meet the members - Former BA engineer, long time member and inspector, Rex Coates.
  • Classic Aero Engineering - A NZ company building all new rotary engines for vintage replicas.
  • Where to Go - The season is on the wane so get out and have some fun while you can!
  • Classifieds - Plenty of bargains to whet your appetite.
  • Landing Vouchers - Free and discounted landings for October, plus a museum offer.