Rally 2015

At the 2018 AGM, two motions were voted on by members regarding the award of the Bill Woodhams Trophy in 2014 to Tracey Curtis-Taylor. This was subsequently rescinded following a member’s motion in 2016.

The Light Aircraft Association makes a number of such awards each year, recognising flying activities, services to fellow members and the quality of their work on either home-built aircraft or vintage types restored to flight by its 7,500-plus members. The recipients are selected by a small committee of unpaid volunteers. The Bill Woodhams Trophy for navigation is just one of this wide range of awards.

The two motions placed at the 2018 AGM sought to debate the rescinding of the award, and the matter was discussed at the AGM with both written and verbal submissions from both sides, including from Tracey Curtis-Taylor in person.

The first Motion, seeking acknowledgement that the rescinding of the award was inappropriate, was defeated by 389 member votes to 82.

The second Motion, seeking the reinstatement of the award, was defeated by 277 member votes to 202.

The removal of the award therefore stands and the matter is now considered closed. The LAA has no further comment to make on the award or its recipients.


Light Aircraft Association

22nd October 2018