Sep issue


April 2019 Issue of LIGHT AVIATION

  • CEO’s Chat - Steve Slater on some happy selection tasks.
  • News - CAA seek feedback on Electronic Conspicuity.
  • Retro fit avionics - Ian Fraser discusses some portable digital instrument upgrades.
  • Netherthorpe - Sheila Dyson presents a history of Sheffield’s LAA friendly airfield.
  • Projects - Zenair 701, Sherwood Scout completions and a Condor refurb.
  • Air Courtage - The importance of insurance cover for airshows and events.
  • Fuel Injection P1 - Part 2 of a Rotax and ULPower injected engines primer.
  • Destination - Martin Ferid extols the virtues of chic Le Touquet on the French coast.
  • Air Test - The Taylor Titch’s fun factor certainly impressed Clive Davidson.
  • Safety Spot - Chobert rivets, Luscombe corrosion Murphy strut ends.
  • Armstrong-Isaacs - Brian Hope presents the 2019 A-I Bursary winners.
  • Struts4U - Anne Hughes provides event updates for the Struts and Clubs
  • Meet the Members - Pete Kynsey, long time display pilot and Tiger Club CFI.
  • Where to Go - GASCo Safety events, plus dates and details of upcoming fly-ins.
  • Classifieds - Surprisingly busy with bargains to whet your appetite.
  • Landing Vouchers - Save money with our fee landing vouchers for May.