Sep issue


August 2019 Issue of LIGHT AVIATION

  • Chairman’s Chat - Tim Hardy on the advantages of BMAA and LAA collaboration.
  • News - APPG report blasts airspace change proposal processes. Welcome new LAA staff.
  • Projects - One design and, Murphy Rebel and Ed Hicks’ lovely Van’s Rv-8.
  • What can the LAA do for me? - How the LAA can help you enjoy affordable flying.
  • Avmap review - Ian Fraser reviews the Ultra and is impressed by performance and cost.
  • LAA Rally - Brian Hope says come to the Rally and have a weekend of fun and flying.
  • Destination - Martin Fered enjoys Italian culture and atmosphere in historic Siena.
  • Bolkow - Berend Jan Floor reports from Melle-Gr√∂negau, Germany, on a Bolkow fly-in.
  • McDowell Safety Starter - A retrofit 1940s light aircraft mechanical starting system.
  • Air Test - Clive Davidson flies the Glastar, an excellent tourer with strip performance.
  • Meet the Members - Phil Hall, LAA Inspector, RV builder and vintage aircraft enthusiast.
  • Pre-purchase inspection - In Part 2, Jerry explains what to look out for during inspection.
  • SkyDemon - Neil Wilson visits the UK’s most popular aviation planning and nav app.
  • Struts4U - Anne Hughes’ round up of the Struts and Clubs
  • Where to Go - The calendar is at its busiest with events at home and abroad.
  • CEO thoughts - Steve Slater enthuses over the benefits of closer BMAA/LAA ties.
  • Classifieds - Bargains to whet your appetite.
  • Landing Vouchers - Save money with landing voucher offers for September.