Sep issue


December 2019 Issue of LIGHT AVIATION

  • Chairman’s Chat - Tim Hardy has a dose of EWS (Empty Workshop Syndrome).
  • News - Last chance Bursary opportunity, Air Race E Cassutt, Ernie Horsfall honoured.
  • Coaching Corner - New Head of Training David Cockburn introduces himself.
  • Oxford Airspace - Some progress but still a way to go before a satisfactory solution.
  • Scottish Tour - An LAA aerial tour around Scotland proposed for May 2020.
  • Project News - A latent Europa sees completion & a Bristell meets fiancees approval.
  • A Life after Flying - Polly Vacher: how donkeys gave her new impetus after PPL loss.
  • Duplicate Inspections - How to carry out & properly log duplicate inspections.
  • Destinations - Martin Ferid enjoys some winter sunshine, and flying, in St Lucia.
  • Say Again - Ian Fraser introduces a series on aviation audio & looks into the human ear.
  • Jodel DR1051- A modified DR1051 that has been on a Permit for nearly 30 years.
  • Struts4U - Anne Hughes with events listings and news of the November Strut seminar.
  • Hahnweide - Tony Ryan-Fecitt’s adventure to the Old Timer fly-in at Hahnweide
  • Chipmunk - Part 2 - Story of a Royal Egyptian Air Force Chipmunk restoration.
  • Safety Spot - Importance of paying great care undertaking various pilot ‘checks’
  • Electric racer - Results of well supported RAeS electric racer design competition.
  • CEO chat - Steve Slater looks towards a greener future for recreational aviation.