Sep issue


May 2019 Issue of LIGHT AVIATION

  • Chairman’s Chat - Tim Hardy invites members to consider joining the Board.
  • News - Channel restricted airspace, changes to Class D VFR rules, Stewart Jackson RIP.
  • Retro fit avionics - Ian Fraser discusses the accuracy of airspeed indicators and altimeters.
  • Projects - A hi-spec Carbon Cub, Tiger Moth transfer and a Build-a-Plane Ras S6.
  • EASA Opt-out - Francis Donaldson discusses EASA’s up to 600kg opt out opportunity.
  • Tech Tips - Steve Stride on a simple method to preserve the ends of Scat air hose.
  • Obituary - RIP Jeremy ‘Jez’ Cooke, September 1953 - March 2019.
  • Destination - Martin Ferid visits the charming old German city of Gelnhausen.
  • Air Test - Clive Davidson is drawn to the charms of the 85hp Aeronca 7BCM.
  • Safety Spot - Seatbelts and the integrity of control systems.
  • AERO - Brian Hope visits Friedrichshafen for another great recreational aviation show.
  • Struts4U - Anne Hughes provides event updates for the Struts and Clubs
  • Meet the Members - Andrew Beech, ATCO turned Instructor and airline training captain.
  • Where to Go - GASCo Safety events, plus dates and details of upcoming fly-ins.
  • CEO thoughts - The ever-growing importance of advocacy within the LAA’s remit.
  • Classifieds - Bargains to whet your appetite.
  • Landing Vouchers - Save money with our fee landing vouchers for June.