Rally AIC and Slots
Rally 2015

Rally AIC published

The revised Rally AIC has now been published, it is (yellow) Y 098/2019 and is available from the NATS Aeronautical Information Services website.


Alternatively you can download it here.

Landing Slot bookings

Rally landing slot bookings are scheduled to open on August 1. They were prematurely opened in error very early in the year and closed as soon as we found out, after a number of bookings had been made. In fairness to those early birds, we asked Sywell to retain their bookings, which they have, and simply reopen the booking system at the appropriate time with them still in place.

However, since those earlier bookings were made, we had the issues with the AIC and one of the procedural changes demanded by the CAA is that all pilots must tick a box on the website as having read and understood the Joining Instructions before a slot can be booked. This is a MUST do and will be subject to CAA auditing.

Our plan now is for Sywell to email the pilots who made those early bookings and allow them to rebook their slots, following the new procedure, before the booking system opens to everybody else. We can only hope this system works, so please understand we will do all we possibly can to carry this out, but if you made an early booking and for some reason do not get an email from Sywell, please keep an eye open for the opening of the slot system on Aug 1 and rebook as soon as you can.

Rally aide memoire

As a pilot aid for correctly following the procedure for joining the Pitford reservoir hold and approach to either runway 03 or 21 at Sywell, the August issue of the magazine will contain an aide memoire, an A5 size heavyweight paper sheet with the 03 procedure on one side and the 21 procedure on the other. This will make a handy, kneepad sized readily accessible information sheet and it is reproduced here in case you want to run off a spare copy or two. However, please note this is not a substitute for downloading the full AIC, understanding it and having a copy in your aircraft.


Light Aircraft Association

11th July 2019