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August 2020 Issue of Light Aviation
Solar Impulse 2 commences its global circumnavigation



  • Chairman’s Chat - Tim Hardy considers working from home and infringement statistics.
  • News - ADSB Out (Sil 1) route to approval announced, plus winners of the LAA Art competition.
  • Supermarine - Will is leading a project to build a replica Schneider winning Supermarine S5.
  • Project News - Air Camper, Taylor Titch and Just SuperStol display excellent workmanship.
  • Alarm - A proof of concept aircraft alarm system that owners will be able to build themselves.
  • Member survey - Steve Slater discusses the results of the 2020 Membership Survey.
  • Competition - £1000 prize fund up for grabs with in an LAA/Pooleys aircraft video competition.
  • North to Zanzibar - Rod Wheeler and twin sons complete their African adventure in a Sling 4.
  • Special Pitts - The moving, yet uplifting, story of Sgt Anthony Ayre’s Pitts S2A-E told by Chris Hives.
  • LOM transplant - Phil Hall with a solution for the scarcity and cost of reconditioning the Gipsy Major.
  • Glasair - Clive Davidson flies the impressive Glasair 11S-RG, a 1990’s popular composite kit machine.
  • Coaching Corner - David Cockburn on making dual training safer with Covid-19 to consider.
  • Safety Spot - Four pilots pull of good EFATOs after unfortunate but avoidable mechanical failures.
  • Struts4U - The Struts have been active with virtual club nights, check out your local group.
  • Meet the Members - We meet Steve Daniels, ETPS helicopter test pilot instructor and LAA flyer.
  • CEO Thoughts - Steve Slater discusses neighbourly flying and membership diversity.
  • Landing Vouchers - Go fly fun with our three free and a half price landing for September.