May 2020 Issue of Light Aviation
Solar Impulse 2 commences its global circumnavigation


  • Chairman’s Chat - Tim Hardy explains why the board decided to withdraw from BMAA/LAA merger talks.
  • News - All the details on extending licences and medicals, Ernie’s 102nd birthday, ‘engine health’ flights.
  • Letters - Great response to the prop swinging article, and the eGo prompts praise of the Ezes.
  • After Covid - Francis Donaldson advises a thorough inspection of your aircraft after its long layoff.
  • Project News - An 86-year-old British Klemm Swallow nears completion after a lengthy restoration.
  • Van’s RV-14 - Bill Sweetnam’s RV-14 is the first example of the latest RV model to be completed in the UK.
  • Destinations - Martin visits the little known but highly recommended town of Bourges, in central France.
  • Struts4U - Anne Hughes with news from around the Struts and Clubs, plus their contact details.
  • Coaching Corner - Dave Bishop is taken through a PCS plan in order to fly his replica Mk26 Spitfire.
  • Flight test - Clive Davidson enjoys aerobating the Scottish Aviation Bulldog just prior to the Covid lockdown.
  • Happy Days - Absence makes the heart grow finder. Duncan Campbell recalls one of his favourite ‘locals’.
  • Safety Spot - The word is degradation, be it fuel hoses, propellers or ageing magnetos components.
  • Meet the Members - We meet Dreamliner pilot and Stampe Formation Display Team member Richard Ward
  • Green flying - Should General Aviation be doing more to combat climate change?
  • CEO Thoughts - Steve urges pilots not to fly if it is avoidable, and to enjoy the Association’s new activities.