November 2020 Issue of Light Aviation
Solar Impulse 2 commences its global circumnavigation




  • Chairman’s Chat - Now is the time to look to the future....
  • News - Electronic Conspicuity rebates, AI Bursary recipient gains PPL.
  • AGM Report - A report from the LAA Ltd virtual AGM.
  • EC: Update - KFA Safari update, Eurofox 912iS, X'Air Hawk and more.
  • Heath Parasol - A dive into the archives to look at a very early LAA Type.
  • Making a Pass - Twice - A post-pandemic challenge to drive and fly Austria's tallest mountain.
  • Coaching Corner - Covid-19 concerns impact on everyone.
  • Never Give Up! - After a lifetime of longing to become a pilot, Gillian Boston obtained her well-deserved PPL.
  • Flight test - Francis Donaldson flies the recently rebuilt prototype Beagle Pup.
  • Project News Special - A TV 'star' languishing forgotten in a hangar for years, has finally been completed.
  • Safety Spot - The importance of thorough inspection - it's not just a tick box!
  • Struts4U - Anne Hughes profiles Strut activities and making good use of social media.
  • Meet the Members - Frank Cox, former Fleet Air Arm, corporate jet pilot and restorer / owner of a Fairhild Argus.
  • CEO Thoughts - Steve Slater on contingency planning.