October 2020 Issue of Light Aviation
Solar Impulse 2 commences its global circumnavigation





  • Chairman’s Chat - Tim Hardy experiences the Farnborough airspace, fortunately without problem.
  • News - Cross Channel Danger Areas, LAA Offices closed, CAA’s four infringement hot spots.
  • AGM - All you need to know about the virtual AGM on 20 October, and how to cast your votes.
  • Project News - A Stolp Starlet plans build makes rapid progress, and an Escapade to Scout upgrade.
  • Arthur Ord-Hume - A delightful look back at how enthusiasts rebuilt their aircraft in post war Britain.
  • Air Courtage - Covid has caused all manner of problems to business, including insurance companies.
  • GPS Jamming - Ian Fraser warns of the growing problem of GPS jamming, and how to be prepared.
  • Bolt Head - The tale of Bolt Head, former WW2 landing ground, now an up and coming light airfield.
  • Destinations - Martin Ferid on the charm and natural beauty of the Dutch island of Texel.
  • Flight test - Clive flies delights in the quirky Falconar F9 single seat Jodel development.
  • Single seater fun - Steve Slater and Ben Syson reveal the fun that can be had in a single seater.
  • Stark Turbulents - The story behind the Stark Turbulent, produced in Germany in the 1950s.
  • Struts4U - Anne Hughes highlights Strut activities and upcoming social media events.
  • Night/IFR - Carl Parkinson explains how he converted his Europa to Night/IFR capability.
  • Meet the Members - Stress-man and Europa flyer John Wighton has had a fascinating career.
  • CEO Thoughts - Steve Slater on how the resurgence of Covid-19 will affect LAA HQ staffing.