September 2020 Issue of Light Aviation
Solar Impulse 2 commences its global circumnavigation





  • Chairman’s Chat - Tim Hardy explains the ‘virtual’ AGM and required rule changes.
  • News - 2020 Bursary awards launched, LAA AGM details and Richard Warriner obituary.
  • Project News - Prototype Beagle Pup rebuild, Kitfox Mk7 and Sherwood Scout completions
  • Electric aircraft - Nick Sills explains the virtues of contra rotating propellers on electric aircraft.
  • Pierre Robin - The legacy from Pierre Robin, one of Europe’s most significant aircraft manufacturers.
  • Rally revisited - Sadly no 2020 Rally but we look back over the highlights of the past 20 years.
  • Destinations - Chamb√©ry trip reveals changed Customs requirements and risky Covid health issues.
  • Vouchers - Free landings for October at Breighton, Bodmin, Sittles Farm and Oaksey Park. Enjoy!
  • Lundy - Over 80 arrivals at the Lundy Island fly-in, it is almost like getting back to the ‘old days!’
  • Flight test - Clive flies the beautifully restored Leopard Moth and finds it utterly charming.
  • Coaching Corner - Chris Thompson considers the difference between Currency and Proficiency.
  • Safety Spot - Malcolm McBride looks at the importance of diligent control system inspection.
  • Struts4U - Anne Hughes highlights Strut activities making good use of social media to keep in touch.
  • Meet the Members - Toby Wilcox, aircraft engineer, builder and microlight and light aircraft pilot.
  • CEO Thoughts - Steve Slater on the airspace conundrum, when will they start considering all users.
  • Classifieds - Post lockdown, membership advertisements are starting to pick up again.