LAA Guidance on Maintenance and Flights during COVID lockdown


Whatever the CAA advice, we recommend discretion in carrying out flights or travelling to airfields at this time.


The LAA position is that while aircraft maintenance and limited associated flights have been deemed essential work by the CAA and can be continued subject to appropriate safeguarding being adopted, we should not abuse that privilege.


Our advice remains that of the DfT; that leisure flying is not considered an essential activity and travel to an airfield should only be contemplated if it is absolutely necessary.


A good question might be, do you really need to carry out this flight immediately? It may be that by waiting a week or so, no real problem in the current benign ambient conditions, the flight will become much less sensitive in terms of public opinion and COVID risk. Just because someone can fly, it doesn’t necessarily mean they should.


Also, we should recommend that members check if their airfield is open. Their duty of care to employees and users may mean they elect to remain closed. The same may apply if they haven’t made appropriate runway inspections.


In addition to the above position, there is of course more detailed information available here and in our Technical Leaflet TL 2.32.




Light Aircraft Association

20th April 2020