Updated Advice From The Government In Wales

Covid-19 General Aviation in Wales


As promised, we have continued to keep GA under consideration and I am pleased to offer the following additional information which I hope provides a little more flexibility for the GA community. I hope you find it useful. Please feel free to share this note with relevant friends and colleagues.


The Welsh Government appreciates that this is a difficult and uncertain time for people and businesses. On Friday 29 May, the First Minister for Wales provided an update for the easing of lockdown - the press release to Stay Local to Keep Wales Safe can be found here: https://gov.wales/stay-local-to-keep-wales-safe


It is important that the people of Wales and those running a business in Wales review the latest guidance themselves, with consideration to their own specific circumstances. We are asking the public to make their own judgement on whether they consider it appropriate and right, under the current regulations, to undertake a certain activity or journey (this includes General Aviation). I am afraid I cannot advise whether or not general aviation activity is allowed under the current guidance due to the very different and specifically individual circumstances many people and businesses find themselves in, however if you do decide to undertake general aviation activity, you must be able to reasonably justify your actions if challenged. In some cases, bespoke legal advice may need to be sought by the individual or business concerned.


Advice on travel and social distancing within Wales can be viewed online, here:https://gov.wales/coronovirus-travel
and https://gov.wales/coronavirus-social-distancing-guidance


I have added a link to the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Welsh Government website for your information below.


https://gov.wales/coronavirus-regulations-guidance#section-39237 - See: ‘Does stay local mean I cannot leave my local area’ and ‘What can I not do’.



https://gov.wales/coronavirus-regulations-guidance#section-39241 - See: ‘Can my business be open’


The regulations are reviewed currently on a three weekly basis with the next update scheduled for 19 June.


On behalf of Rhydian Ayres
Acting Head of Aviation




Light Aircraft Association

12th June 2020