LAA and BMAA suspend merger discussions
Rally 2015


On Friday 20th March, the LAA board wrote to the BMAA to say that they had decided regretfully to suspend the merger discussions between the two associations. The LAA board anticipates that there will be a continuation of collaborative effort underpinning the mutual passion for aviation and wishes to signal their readiness to enter into further discussions as and when a unanimous BMAA council position has been established on the subject.

Quote from Steve Slater, CEO, Light Aircraft Association. "It's disappointing, because there has been a great deal of work done by volunteers from both organisations and I personally feel it is a huge opportunity being missed. Together, we have demonstrated that a future single organisation can be viable, would be a powerful voice for sport flying, and our Board and the wider LAA membership believe in principle it is a good thing. Sadly, we haven't had similar reassurance from the BMAA council and their members so we'll focus on the LAA's future, but keep working together in areas where BMAA and LAA can jointly promote our mutual passion for flying for fun." 

Steve Slater
20th March 2020