April 2021 Issue of Light Aviation




Chairman’s Chat - Tim looks forward to a return to flight but is concerned by CAA thinking.
News - Covid constraints mean LAA UK Tour to be replaced by LAA England Tour in July.
Letters - Agricultural Tiger Moth, Mascaret memories, CO detector sense and ... the Heath!
Project News - US built Carbon Cub comes home, Beagle Airdale rebuilt for new PPL.
Turbi - Igor Best-Devereux recalls the Druine Turbi’s promise as a new two seat Group aircraft.
Prep for flight - Francis advises you give your aircraft a very thorough post Covid flight inspection.
Tailwheel links - Trevor Reed offers helpful advice on setting up that breakout tailwheel correctly.
Rally is Go - Plans are forging ahead to make the 75th Anniversary LAA Rally it a bumper event.
Coaching Corner - David Cockburn urges pilots to make a steady, considered return to flying.
Staying aloft - Clive Davidson on how to limp to safety on an engine that’s down on power.
Air Test - The lovely Rearwin Cloudster, a classic ‘old school’ radial engined two-seater.
Original or Replica - An explanation on how judgements are made on what is or isn’t original.
SPARS to TADS - Ken Craigie explains how SPARS changes the Permit Renewal process.
Struts4U - Anne Hughes on Strut and Club activities and the calendar of future events.
Where to Go - Cancellations and postponements but the calendar continues to grow.
Meet the Members - Arthur W J G Ord-Hume, a full and fascinating life by any measure.
CEO Thoughts - Steve Slater expresses concerns that the CAA has a lack of corporate memory.