May 2021 Issue of Light Aviation




  • News - Francis Donaldson to step down as LAA Chief Engineer; help needed for proposed Kent airfield.
  • Letters - Turbis, D9s, DH.6 and crop sprayers.
  • Project News - Skyfox Gazelle, Stolp Starlet, Lancair 320, Cleared to Fly and New Projects.
  • Flying Adventure - Martin Ferid travels to Beccles in the ancient English county of Suffolk.
  • Project News Special - The intriguing tale of the Sopwith Pup, B1807. By Nick Harris and Clive Davidson.
  • Coaching Corner - Keep a weather eye post-lockdown flying, advises David Cockburn.
  • Stuts4U - Anne Hughes profiles Strut activities.
  • Consultations - Two vital consultations, please comment!
  • HRH Prince Philip - Steve Slater looks back at one Turbulent flying episode of the late Prince Philip.
  • Landing Vouchers - Check out the vouchers on offer.
  • Where To Go - Put these dates in your 2021 diary.
  • Software Update - Ian Fraser says keep your tech up to spec with software updates.
  • Single Seaters - The benefits of low-cost single-seaters.
  • Spitfire - Trip of a lifetime in a genuine WWII Spitfire.
  • Menorca - We meander down Memory Lane with a 1988 trip to Menorca by Jodel.
  • Meet The Members - We talk to Ian Corse, RV Forum administrator and a passion for speed.
  • CEO Thoughts - The far from perfect drone regulation.