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CAA Statement On A8-26 Consultation

Below, a statement issued by the CAA last night, following a meeting with the LAA. We endorse the CAA position and look forward to working with them in a spirit of continuing collaboration.

We appreciate the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) and other stakeholders have expressed concern on a current consultation on CAP553, specifically A8-26 and A3-7. The CAA and the LAA had a positive meeting on Monday where both parties acknowledged the importance of collaborative working. There is a mutual understanding that the CAA has the right as the UK independent safety regulator to conduct consultations as and when they are deemed necessary. Both organisations are committed to the continuation of the current consultation process and developing the best possible outcome based on the information obtained from this.

Once the consultation closes on 27 May 2021, the CAA will be taking a period of time to analyse the submissions. Once this activity has taken place the LAA will be invited, along with other key stakeholders, to discuss the findings and work together on the final documents.

Steve Slater

26th May 2021

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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