CAA Safety Notice on Resumption of Flying and Access to Instructional Flights


The CAA has issued a Safety Notice regarding the return to GA flying for non-professional purposes for solo pilots, or individuals flying with a member of their household or bubble, commencing 29 March and the subsequent resumption of flights with an instructor from 12 April 2021 can resume.


Consequently, there is a two-week gap between the date when non-professional GA pilots may resume flying and the earliest date on which they will be able to fly with an instructor. While this may make sense from a public health perspective, it will be very important for many GA pilots to initially fly with an instructor on resumption of GA flying.


Civil Aviation Authority Safety Notice SN-2021/009, recommends that as part of safely resuming GA activity, that any GA pilot who has not flown for an extended period of time, takes a check flight with an instructor before they resume flying as Pilot-in-Command, especially if there are any concerns or issues of low confidence about resuming flying.


The CAA Safety Notice can be found at:


Light Aircraft Association

24th March 2021