Light Aircraft Association Limited - 2017 Annual General Meeting



The Annual General Meeting of the Light Aircraft Association Ltd

will be held on

Sunday 22nd October 2017


Sywell Aerodrome, The Cirrus Suite, Northants


The 2017 LAA AGM will be held in the Cirrus Room in the Aviator Hotel at Sywell Aerodrome, Northampton on Sunday 22 October. The actual AGM commences at 14:00, but it forms only part of a full day’s entertainment for LAA members. The program for the day will be:


10:00 - Tea/coffee.
10.15 - Welcome from Brian Davies, LAA Chairman.
10.30 - Presentation of LAA Service Awards
11:00 - Talk by Roger ‘Dodge’ Bailey, Chief Pilot, Shuttleworth Collection ‘Flying the DH88 Comet’
12:00 - Lunch (Not provided but bar snacks available in the Aviator or cafe fare in the Pilot's Mess).
12.00 to13.00 - ‘Show and tell’ with selected visiting LAA aircraft.
13:00 - Presentation of LAA Rally awards.
14:00 - Members Forum. An opportunity for members to discuss issues and ideas with the Board.
15:00 - Thanks and closure of the meeting.


AGM documentation
The meeting agenda, the Minutes from the 2016 AGM, the Annual Report, and 2016 accounts, and full details of any Motions being presented at the meeting will be available on the LAA website ( at least seven days prior to the meeting.


Candidates for Directorships of the LAA.
No LAA member may be elected or co-opted to the Board unless he has been a beneficial shareholder continuously for at least two years. Nominations of candidates for election and re-election to the Board must be received by the secretary by Sunday 10 September with intimation in writing that the beneficial shareholder nominated is willing to serve, which must be duly signed by the proposer and seconder, who must also be beneficial shareholders.


A notice of motion for the AGM must be submitted to the Secretary in writing, duly signed by the proposer and seconder, who must be beneficial shareholders in the Company. Notices of motion concerning amendments to the Articles must be received by Sunday 10 September. The Board shall consider proposals for amendments to the Articles in advance of the AGM and decide whether or not it supports the proposals.


Proxy Voting
Whilst we hope to get a large and enthusiastic audience for the AGM, clearly not everybody is able to attend. However, that does not preclude you from being able to vote because we have a proxy voting system in place. On the reverse side of the address page of the October magazine, a proxy form will list the candidates and the motions that will be put to the AGM. You can fill that out and vote for as many of the candidates as you like and/or motions, and send it to LAA HQ to arrive no later than Thursday 19 October. The HQ address is in the front of the magazine. 


Membership cards.
Please note that to attend the AGM you must be a current member of the LAA. Please ensure you have your membership card with you.
To vote at the AGM you must be a beneficial shareholder of the LAA. Unless you have specifically opted out, you will be a beneficial shareholder by default if you are a current member.


Getting to Sywell
If you are coming by road there are directions on the Sywell website at or you can use the postcode NN6 0BN in your satnav.

You are welcome to fly in to Sywell, normal PPR procedures apply (see the Sywell website for details) but landing fees will be waived if you are attending the AGM.


September 2017