Light Aircraft Association Limited - 2019 Annual General Meeting



The Annual General Meeting of the Light Aircraft Association Ltd


will be held on


Sunday 20th October 2019




Sywell Aerodrome, Hangar 2, Northants


The AGM commences at 14:00, part of a full day of activities for LAA members, which includes an LAA Award presentation, guest speaker and a Members Forum, offering an opportunity for members to discuss issues and ideas with the Board.


LAA Members are welcome to fly in to Sywell, normal PPR procedures apply. Any aircraft pre-booked as attending for the AGM will have their landing fees covered by the LAA.


Programme of the Day


10:30 - Tea/coffee
10.45 - Welcome from Tim Hardy, LAA Chairman
11.00 - Presentation of LAA Service Awards
11:30 - Talk by Wg Cmdr Chris Pote
12:30 - Lunch (Not provided but bar snacks available in the Aviator or cafe fare in the Pilot's Mess)
13:30 - Presentation of LAA Rally awards
14:30 - Members Forum. An opportunity for members to discuss issues and ideas with the Board
15:00 - Thanks and closure of the meeting


Proxy voting by email


Article 16 (a) says that proxy voting may be "where permitted, by means of electronic communication as instructed on the proxy form." There are no instructions on the current proxy form about voting by email and nothing anywhere to say that it is permitted - but neither is it forbidden. My natural inclination is that what is not expressly forbidden is impliedly permitted.


What is clear is that the proxy form must be signed and must show a membership number. I think ‘signed’ must mean signed by hand and not signed electronically, bearing in mind that all proxy forms are carefully checked in the LAA office.


I think the most sensible pragmatic answer is that I will accept an emailed legible scan of a properly signed and numbered proxy form. However it has been noticed that scans emailed at low resolution can be almost illegible when they are received in the LAA office, so the wisest course maybe to post the paper form.


David Mole, LAA Company Secretary


Re-election of candidates for directorship of the Light Aircraft Association Limited


David Mole

Tim Hardy




Motion 1 : Change to Article 25 b)

Motion 2 : The LAA and BMAA to merge


AGM Documentation



How to Fill in Proxy Form Guidance

AGM Agenda

Minutes of the 2018 AGM

2018 Audited Accounts

Treasurer's Report


20th September 2019