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Brian Hope

Having been the editor of the Association magazine for ten years on a part time contractual basis, I was invited to join the staff as a full time employee in October 2011. My role continues to be editor of the magazine and has been extended to include updating the website and keeping it current, introducing a monthly eNewsletter and extending the Association’s digital/social media output as and when considered appropriate.

In the main I work from my home in Kent rather than from Turweston.

As an employee I could not, unfortunately, remain on the Board of Directors (the CEO is the only staff member permitted to join the Board), so I regretfully resigned from the Board when I took up my staff position. However, I continue attending Board meetings as an invited guest in order to keep abreast of developments and offer opinion, should it be sought.

I have been a PFA/LAA member since 1976, a permit aircraft owner since 1987, on the committee of the Kent Strut since 1989 and have served in a number of Association roles from Vice Chairman to Treasurer. I am currently on the Rally and the Member Services & Marketing Committees, and a Member of the LAA Educational Trust as a representative of the Training Courses programme.

In my voluntary roles I wish to see the continuation of the growth and success of the annual Rally; expansion of the range of ET Training Courses; improvement in the marketing of the Association; and the reformation of the National Council into a pro-active, energetic and major contributor to the governance of our Association.

My home phone number is 01795 662508; Mobile 07949 650847; Email and . Please feel free to contact me at any time if you require help or advice regarding LAA or recreational flying; I will do my best to help and if I can’t then I probably know somebody else that can.

Yes I do look a Wally in the picture but if you can’t laugh at yourself you don’t have the right to laugh at anybody else!

October 2013

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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