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David Mole

My background has been mostly legal, as a lecturer in law, barrister, QC and Judge, with occasional forays as a newspaper cartoonist and illustrator.

As a planning barrister I have been involved in several airfield and major airport public inquiries from the very large, such as the Stansted expansion inquiry, to the rather smaller, such as acting on behalf of the Tiger Club in an application (unsuccessful) for a small airfield in Sussex.

My childhood fascination with aircraft and model making was rekindled after my children gave me a flight in a Tiger Moth as a 60th birthday present. From my Chambers at the top of the Crown Court I could see aircraft doing circuits at Elstree and started taking flying lessons on my way home from work.

I am now a tailwheel converted PPL, flying mostly from Dunkeswell and a member of the Devon strut. I am building a Rans S7S, which is fascinating fun and a wonderful and humbling education. I tell my wife the next aeroplane I build will be so much easier and better - “forget it! Just get this one right” is her politer response.

I believe the LAA does an important job. I joined the Board, although a novice in aviation, because legal experience could be useful to it.

December 2018

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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