Derek Lamb - Director, Treasurer and Company Secretary
John Brady



My interest in flying started as a small boy with a joyride at a local airfield. Like many enthusiasts my ceiling was festooned with Airfix models and I flew control line aircraft in dizzying circuits.

I was fortunate in my university years in Durban, South Africa, in having a scholarship from De Beers, the diamond company, to study engineering as well as a local grant towards my pilot’s licence. With my PPL I flew Cessna 150s, 152s, 172s, a Piper Archer and Beech Sundowner.  

A job with associated FTSE 100 Anglo American followed. Family life and the inevitable mortgage curtailed flying, but my career progressed and I obtained Chartered Engineer registration and became Vice President of Electrical Engineering. Transfer to London in Anglo’s finance division meant a change in direction from engineering. The years ahead saw me set up a limited company and qualify as an accountant, providing financial services to a range of companies, including time as company secretary at an AIM listed PLC.

A gift of a trial lesson resulted in a NPPL (M) and I took on finishing the rebuild of a Letov Sluka. I currently fly a Skyranger Swift.


March 2017