Winston Lee - Teasurer
Winston Lee


Winston Lee


I am pleased to have been offered and accepted position of treasurer for the Light Aircraft Association. As a 38 year old I appear to represent a lower than average age of members but have equal amounts of enthusiasm for aviation as any other member I am sure.  My name is Winston, married for 12 years to Michelle and together we have a son Oliver who is 12. I run a research and development business with a team of 12 employees, we design and manufacture hardware and software predominantly for the automotive industry.


I come from an engineering background so still have an active involvement in the design and development process as well as having the day to day work the company generates for us. My interest in aviation stems from my father and as a boy built control line models and later radio controlled aircraft but never thought I would own an aircraft or even have a pilots licence. The chance to fly was given to me by a good friend who operated a shadow at the time and he then progressed on to an LAA licensed Jabiru UL. I learnt to fly from the right seat as safety pilot on many days out and about 5 years ago I had the chance to take my NPPL with the option to buy the Jabiru on completion, which I revelled in the challenge to succeed to do.


I owned the Jabiru for just about four years and with the changes in licensing and the LAPL option I decided to upgrade my licence to SSEA and trade for a LAPL as I wanted to involve my wife in what had previously been "boys" days out to interesting places. I am now the proud owner of the Schneider trophy winning G-DUDZ DR-400 which is a pleasure to own and fly. The opportunity at the LAA is an exciting one, already the little I know about the challenges ahead are an inspiration, and to be a part of a developing team of enthusiastic individuals who aspire to keeping the LAA in it's involved and influential position within the aviation industry will be great.


I am looking forward to meeting the team and also to Bob easing me in to the role which he has left me to attempt to keep in such good order as he has done over the last few years.

October 2013