Elstree Aerodrome




Avgas and Jet A1 available. PPR please. A well known airfield location, ideally suited for visiting London (taxis can be arranged to an underground station) or visit the nearby family friendly Aldenham Country Park which is next door. See the farm animals with the kids/grand children. The airfield is strictly PPR by telephone.  Radio is 122.400.


Jet A1 and Avgas available. A café is on site, as well as the Pooleys Flight Equipment shop and offices where you can get a 5% discount as an LAA member when you show your membership card.  Elstree is also often used for filming.


For the history of Elstree a book is available by Richard Riding and Grant Peerless, Elstree Aerodrome: The Past in Pictures, The History Press Ltd (26 Nov 2003), ISBN 0-7509-3412-3ISBN 978-0-7509-3412-1, 192 pages.

Tel: 0208 953 7480
Email: tower@elstree.aerodrome.com
Website: www.londonelstreeaerodrome.com