Turweston Aerodrome
Turweston Aereodrome




Home to the LAA you can fly-in during the week and visit H.Q. although it would be best to make an appointment first. Turweston is home to a variety of aircraft types, and is used by people wanting to fly into Silverstone by helicopter for the car and bike Grand Prix.

Opened in November 1942 Vickers Wellingtons and Avro Ansons of the OTU were based here, before twin engine Mitchells arrived. Closed in September 1945 the land was retained by the Air Ministry, being used for car storage and for housing the Army’s surplus Bren Gun Carriers.

The airfield is now operated by Turweston Flight Centre offering a flight school and a very popular café called The Flying Pig. They do a very nice bacon sandwich (many LAA staff and visitors have eaten one!).  PPR first please. Be aware of parachuting at nearby Hinton-in-the-Hedges. Radio is 122.175

Tel: 01280 705 400
Email: info@turwestonflight.com
Website: www.turwestonflight.com