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Alerts & Current Issues

Threat to Panshanger Aerodrome

The Welwyn and Hatfield Borough Council consulted on a Local Plan as they are obliged to do by the new the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) .  This Plan proposes to build 700 houses on Panshanger Aerodrome but gives no consideration at all to the value of the aerodrome and its facilities to the community - something they are obliged to do by the NPPF and their own planning strategy.


The LAA and Sport England opposed the plan and the Council have taken note of the detail of our objections particularly on the NPPF requirement to maintain sporting faculties and provision.  They asked the LAA and Sport England for more information on the possibilities for alternative provision for sport aviation in the area and offered a study which suggested there were plenty of other airfields available within easy reach.  This is not actually the case and we have both responded.  The LAA response contains data obtained from the other airfields and analyses the provision of facilities concluding that Panshanger should be retained.

You can read these responses here:

LAA letter to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
Attachment 1: Aerodrome licensing summary
Attachment 2: Panshanger distance to alternatives
Sport England letter to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council


19th September 2013