The Welsh Assembly Government has proposed a set of danger areas between Aberporth and Sennybridge Range as part of an expanded UAV development centre.  There are 3 possible configurations proposed extending the current RA(T) around Aberporth, adding one area with base 3000ft or FL60 and the rest above FL100.  These would only be active during UAVs operations and even then with a crossing service available.  The concept is that danger area sections would only be activated by NOTAM and that once a UAV has reached its operating level access will be provided at other levels within the area. 

With the level of activity expected this development should not be a serious problem for LAA members although wave soaring from the Black Mountains Gliding Club at Talgarth and cross country flying by paragliders and hang gliders near Aberporth may be curtailed. 

The LAA sees no great problem with the proposal so has supported it.  You can see the LAA response here.

We will let you know what is eventually decided here and through the magazine.

The LAA Airspace Team


5th Aug 2009