Training From Unlicensed Airfields


On the issue of this particular consultation, it is also clear that the LAA and AOPA's approach are very different. Whilst training from licensed aerodromes only is not the norm within Europe generally, LAA would welcome the liberalisation that training from unlicensed aerodromes would bring. We ardently believe it would reduce costs, increase freedoms and generally be 'a good thing' for GA pilots.


There are many opinions being expressed within forums and 'on the flightline'. Suggesting that certain currently licensed aerodromes would suffer as a result of introducing training from unlicensed aerodromes might arguably be the case (although not likely in our opinion), however this is a natural position in a free and open domocratic market. Suggesting that NIMBYS might close down otherwise successful unlicensed aerodromes is again a red herring, since the existing planning laws are designed to ensure a fair and legal framework for all activities, including aviation. LAA believes that freedom of choice and reduced regulation are to be encouraged. Certainly on this issue. The LAA's formal response can be found here.


Peter Harvey

CEO, LAA 9th July 2008 16:30hr