DEADLINE: 4 September 2009


The LAA responded to the initial consultation by Qinetiq, acting for the MOD, to establish restricted airspace above FL80 near Boscombe Down to enable training with the Watchkeeper UAV.  You can view our earlier response here.


There is now a second round of consultation covering the basing of the UAVs at Boscombe rather than Upavon as was previously proposed.  The change would make the Boscombe ATZ into restricted airspace to allow launch and recovery of the UAV which would then enter the existing danger area complex before climbing above 2000ft.


The LAA proposes to support this change as there will be no significant effect on other aircraft.  There may be an issue for operations at Old Sarum and we will ensure that is covered.  We also need to establish what crossing service will be provided as the period when this airspace is used by UAVs will be very small.


You can see the consultation on the QinetiQ website.  If you have any views or opinions, please let us know at


5th June 2009