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This course is another which will involve plenty of hands-on practice as you learn the skills of hot-wiring foam, working with epoxy resin and a variety of woven cloths and mats (including carbon fibre and Kevlar), and micro-balloons.


You will end up with an object, yet to revealed, which you can take home as your ‘apprentice piece’. Also discussed will be selection of appropriate materials, fast drying techniques and of course, the all-important issue of using these materials safely. All materials and safety equipment will be provided.


Tutor: Rob Martin


Time: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm - One day course

Venue: Turweston Aerodrome, LAA HQ - directions

Cost: £140



Telephone Sheila or Sarah on 01280 846 786 to check availability and book or e-mail.


Light Aircraft Association