Electrical Wiring Interconnection System - EWIS


LAA One day introductory course


A one day course is necessarily limited in its scope. When we started looking at the subject of electrical and electronic systems on amateur built aircraft we quickly realised that the electrical side alone, leaving out the advanced avionics, contained material for quite a few days of training.

This course acts as an introduction to the subject. It will feature the minimum of electrical theory and will concentrate instead on the installation practices. If you like, it is the sharp end of the business; it is the practical work; it is the part that every owner/builder will have to get to grips with sooner or later.

The basic premise of the introductory course is that the owner/builder already has a circuit diagram to work from. He is not expected to do any design work, but he does need to source the materials and build a working, reliable and safe installation.


What this course will try to do is:

  • Introduce and explain the components of a wiring system
  • Help you understand a circuit diagram
  • Give practical experience in wiring techniques
  • Give the knowledge to select and source cables and components
  • Explain failure modes and reliability issues
  • Help you conduct basic fault finding
  • Warn about the ‘gotcha’ areas and the things to look out for


What the course will not do is:

  • Turn you into a design engineer
  • Enable you to design an aircraft EWIS
  • Enable you to fault find on an undocumented aircraft installation
  • Solve interference issues
  • Delve into avionics


The course takes place in the LAA’s training area at Turweston and I am pleased to be able to say that the LAA has made a significant investment in tools and materials for the course.





Date: TBC

Cost: £120.00 (includes tools)

Venue: LAA HQ, Turweston Aerodrome, NN13 5YD




Telephone 01280 846 786 to check availability and book.