Aircraft Electrical Systems
aluminium course
When we started looking at the subject of electrical and electronic systems on amateur built aircraft we quickly realised that the electrical side alone, leaving out the advanced avionics, contained material for quite a few days of training. The first one day course featured the minimum of electrical theory and concentrated instead on the installation practices. If you like, it was the sharp end of the business; it was the part that every owner/builder will have to get to grips with sooner or later. The basic premise of the introductory course was that the owner/builder already had a design and a circuit diagram to work from. The premise of today’s course is that it will help the owner/builder create that design and circuit diagram. What this course will try to do is:
  • Introduce and explain the components of an aircraft electrical system
  • Introduce DC and AC electrical theory
  • Explain power generation and distribution in a light aircraft
  • Discuss circuit protection devices and systems
  • Explain failure modes and reliability issues
  • Introduce interference and EMC issues
  • Show correct grounding and screening techniques
  • Help you plan an installation and create the necessary documentation
  • Warn about the ‘gotcha’ areas and the things to look out for
What the course will not do is:
  • Turn you overnight into an expert
  • Enable you to fault find on an undocumented aircraft installation
  • Delve inside avionics boxes

It will be useful, but not essential, for people to have previously attended the EWIS Introductory course. Note this new course necessarily has more classroom time and less hands on time than the EWIS course.


Tutor: Nick Long

Dates: 20th March 2020

Cost: £120.00 (includes use of tools but not lunch) - please feel free to bring your own or order on the day.

Times: 9.30am till 5.00pm - one day course

Venue: LAA, Turweston Aerodrome - directions

Facilities: Accommodation



Telephone LAA on 01280 846 786 to check availability and/or book or e-mail.